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Fr. Foeckler started out talking about what Apostolic Tradition is.

Basically it means continuing the tradition of what Apostles Did.


(Apostolic tradition is the transmission of the message of Jesus Christ, though the ages, brought about from the beginning 

of Christianity by means of preaching, bearing witness, institutions, worship, and inspired writings. 

The apostles transmitted or the received from Christ and live and by the Holy Spirit to their successors, the bishops, 

and through them all generations to the ends of the earth          .....ref.  CCC 75-79, 83, 96, 98)


St. Ignatius of Antioch who died in 108 A.D. wrote many letters recognizing the church as 

"Catholic Church".


As we, the Catholic Church continuing the Tradition of the Apostles this Lent Season, we again try to focus 

our lives in the 40days of Lent.

It is a journey to prepare the Paschal Mystery (Last Supper, Crucifixion, Resurrection)

Also Holy Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday)


Because Sin is Infinite (unlimited, never ending), and Man is Finite (limited),

It took Jesus, who is Man (limited) and God (unlimited, never ending) to pardon sin.


Just as Jesus who got baptized and went to desert to pray and fast, during this season of


LENT   -    Imitate Jesus and follow Him

             -    Pray, fast, alms giving

             -    Make up for our sins to prepare for Easter

             -    Make up for the sins for the whole world


RESOLUTION    -   Prayer

                           -   Fast (moderate food intake, or to deny yourself)

                           -   Alms Giving (to give to the poor)

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