못자리 Christmas Party (Dec 15, 2017)

2018.02.05 21:35

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Christmas Party Event

6:30-7   Award Ceremony- Perfect Attendance, Thank you gifts to Fr. Foeckler & Miles Jesu Members

7-7:30   Dinner & Fellowship

7:30-9   Movie (The Different Drummer) & Confession

9-9:30   Cleanup

We have dedicated 33 days of prayer starting in November focusing on Thanks Giving.

Each family made personal cards to Fr. Foeckler and brought them in along with their prayer intentions, spiritual offerings

and monetary donations.


The Perfect Attendance Award were presented to Eric Kim, Jacob Ahn, Jayne Kim, Paul Bae, Tommy Kim and Albert Kim.

We have also presented a token of our appreciation to the members of Miles Jesu who always provide supports and prayers.

Additionally, the parents surprised the kids with pre-filled jar with their kid's favorite candies and presented to them.

This year, for the first time, we catered our food to give some stress off for the mothers who cook every month for the meeting.

While eating, we watched a movie called The Different Drummer, which is a story about a friendship between 2 boys.

During the movie, the kids took turns doing Confession in the other room with Fr. Foeckler.

The party ended around 9:30 and Fr. Foeckler gave us blessing.

************************************************Letter from Fr. Foeckler***********************************************************

Thank you so much for sending the photos! They are great!

I really felt touched by the special thanks you all gave me, and I praise God for being able to join you all in this project. 
What I wanted to tell you Moms and Dads was that the group and project is really the fruit of YOUR work and efforts 
and especially your desire! I am very glad to help you with it by coming every month to present a theme from the Gospel, 
but it above all your work that organizes and recruits and makes it happen!

Moreover, your children are the best! What you said Heather at the party congratulating them for their discipline and active participation was right on target. They are all super duper kids!

We do pray that the Good Lord will call some of them to serve Him as Priests or Religious, and we do all we can to 
encourage them to hear that call and know it is from a loving Father who wants the best for them, but we let Him call them. He is certainly calling all of them and us as well to intimate friendship with Himself, His Son and Holy Spirit, but some we
pray to a life of service in inviting others to friendship with Him - to be the "face of Christ" to others in a special way.

God bless you all and may you have a very joyful and grace-filled Christmas celebration!
I love you all as well and pray for you all everyday in my Mass and other prayers.


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