Lecture by Tom Creen, MJ (June 20, 2015)

2015.06.30 17:43

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Date: 6/20/15                Place: St. Paul HaSang Church (Des Plaines)

Speaker: Tom Creen, MJ       Topic: What is a Vocation?


It has been too long since Tom came to visit us at Youth Vocation Bible Study Meeting.

Since his last visit in 2014, many things had happened in our group.

Our group used to meet at members homes but now we have settled in at St, Paul Chong 

HaSang Church in Des Plaines, IL.

Some members have moved and some have decided to take some time off.

Older kids have left for colleges and now high school graduates busy preparing to follow their 

footsteps. Meanwhile, younger kids have watched the older brothers and sisters come and go,

attending monthly bible study faithfully.  

Tom Creen (Seminarian at Miles Jesu) prepared his lecture with simple game and then began with

having the kids participate in a story. Everyone got involved in the details of the story.

Goofy details after another goofy details.....laughter after laughter.....

Eventually it became a story of a man who is searching for his calling....his VOCATION.

Tom used this scenario to show what the vocation is and how to search for your calling in life.

Each kids had to write their own endings and include six important details of the story.

Then they took turns telling the story to each other. An example of spreading the testimony.

Tom also brought his guitar and sang a song and had the kids sing the chorus:

  Lord, in my eyes you were gazing, kindly smiling, my name you were saying

  All I treasured, I have left on the sand there close to you, I will find other seas.

VOCATION: A calling to enter and live by a religious belief or way of life (i.e. priest, 

          deacon, nun)

Each of us has a vocation. A Calling that can bring great purpose to one's life is a Christian 

belief that God has created each person with gifts and talents oriented toward specific purpose and way of life. Vocation is the act of living out the gifts and talents that allow you to live as the

lawyer, musician, priest, father, mother, or aunt. It is responding to the call of God's service in 

your own unique way.


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