DATE : 8/19/2016                                  PLACE : St. Paul Chong Ha Sang Church ( Des Plaines)

SPEAKER : Fr. Foeckler, Miles Jesu             TOPIC :   Solemnity of Assumption of Mary


+  Ave Cor Mariae   –  Hail Heart of Mary




August 15th -  Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother.

Blessed Mother is Virgin Mary and Mother of God.

On Solemnity days:  Gloria, Creed, Like Sunday and Holy day of Obligation

                                                                              (When it falls on a Sat or Mon, not required to attend Mass)          



1.       Immaculate Conception    : Mary was conceived without Original sin.

2.       Annunciation   (Feast day: Mar 25th):   Angel Gabriel announced to Virgin Mary that she will                                                                                                                                  give birth to a son and become the mother of Jesus, the Son of God.

3.       Visitation (Feast day: May, 31st): Mary visited her cousin, Elizabeth.

“When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled 

with the Holy Spirit” – Luke 1:41

4.       Birth of Jesus (Dec, 25th) 

5.     Perpetual Virgin :  Ever, Always, before the birth, during the birth and after the birth

6.    Assumption (Feast day: Aug, 15th) :

Mary was assumed body and soul into Heaven.

Mary has been taken up into Heaven by God.

(* Ascension: Jesus ascended to Heaven by himself after 40 days of Easter.)


* Why Mary?

-  Always Holy!    Mary always did what God wanted to do!

- Mother of God

- Unique privilege to be born sinless

-  Humanity, Meekness, Purity, Obedience


* What are the consequences?    * What do we get from this Feast day?

1. Happiness

We should be happy because we see the fruit of why Jesus came and died on the cross for us.

We see Mary was taken up to heaven, so we can go up to heaven.

2. "Holy Mary prays for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death"

3. Hope (not Human hope)

- Theological Virtues

- Faith

- Hope


We will join in one God one day in heaven.

We have hope because Jesus promised us that if we believe in Him, we may have eternal life.

We have hope because we will all rise at the end of time as Mary did in Heaven!!

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